Instant Makeup Remover 4 oz

Jélene Makeup Remover 4.0 oz
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Make Up Remover: Use before Step #1

pH: 5


Liquefies on the skin. Removes make up instantly without harsh scrubbing or burning eyes. Excellent for removing lipstick and mascara.

Make up is to be used to remove make up only. It is not a cleanser.


Objective: Removes all make up: pancake, theatrical, eye make up (including mascara), lipstick and everyday make up. THe blend of essentialoils will help make your lashes grow.


Directions: First remove lipstick, then eye colors. Apply to lashes using fingertips to remove mascara. Second, apply a small amount of make up remover to damp skin. Remove product with warm sponges and rinse thoughly. Lastly, use cleanser two (2) times to thoughly cleanse skin after removing make up.

With proper use should last 180 Applications or 3 Months

Active Ingredients: Petrolatum which instantly liquefies on the skin removing and lifting make up while preventing absorption of mineral pigments from make up.

(With all injectables used by the dermatologists and plastic surgeons, numerous infections are reportedly caused by make up pigment absorptions)


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